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Apex Legend Open World Gaming. Hello there everyone i hope you all are fine and hope so. Here are are top 50 apex legends tips and trick. As we all know that Apex Legend second most loved open world game after PUBG(PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND). And everyone including me wants to be an expert and swing while playing open world game. So, here i have brought 50 most useful trick which have helps me a lot while playing Apex Legend



  • 1. Bunny hopping is possible while healing or repairing yourself the way this works is you need to run jump then slide using the momentum from the slide you then start healing yourself. From this point you will be able to alternate between crouch and jump to get the bunny hop going which gives you a bit of a speed advantage. I honestly think it does help quite a lot once again this is only possible while healing yourself. now this is a lot easier for keyboard/mouse players versus a controller person but certainly as possible at the controller with enough practice.

  • 2. Bangalore ultimate deploys the airstrike in-front of the flare meaning do not throw the flare at the enemies instead in front of them.

  • 3. Gibraltars ultimate however is not like this where the flare lands that is the center of the barrage mirages.

  • 4. Mirages is decoy can set off an enemy's caustic trap.

  • 5. Decoys when they are shot at or if they run into a trap or an airstrike they give away the enemy's position on the map by pinging the enemy for your whole team to see for a brief moment.

  • 6. A slight correction shoot the very bottom of an enemy's cost a gas canister to destroy it without setting it off. To clarify the small section beneath the red section not the red itself.

  •  7. Use Mirages ultimate done a slope which causes the group of decoys facing downhill to run downhill instead of staying grouped together so it can add an extra level of confusion for your enemies for a brief second.

  • 8. When looting it clears up fog this can be very helpful in swampland.
  • 9. Caustics traps can block doors now with that said the enemy can certainly kick them down but while doing so they will then be caught in the gas.

  • 10. To add to this though you also can completely block doorways by placing the gas traps right in the middle of them so even if they do destroy the doors.


  • 11. Try to climb in it won't be possible you only need to place a single trap as well to make the doorway.

  • 12. Totally blocked placing caustic traps should be a methodical process while it is possible to destroy them by shooting the bottom they should be placed around corners in heart to see areas so they will surprise the enemy instead of being very noticeable out in the open.

  • 13. kha'zix traps can be thrown quite far.

  • 14. Hara Kasich and Wraith place a knock strap behind the exit of a portal

  • 15. Wraiths tactical ability can protect you while outside of the ring.

  • 16. Wraiths rift place inside of a doorway can kill a player if a player enters a rift while the door is opened where the exit of the rift is then it is closed may travel it will kill them upon exiting.

  • 17. Race rifts lasts until you reach 39% charge on your next rift.
  • 18. while using a gold helmet which increases the charge rate of your abilities the rift lasts until about 49%.

  • 19. Now with all of this said it takes 2:33 seconds to get to 100% fully charged alt for wraiths with a gold helmet it takes 2:2 seconds to get to 100% charged meaning that a gold helmet reduces cool-down times by 20%.

  • 20. While placing the rift there is not a timer the percentage you have to place the exit of the portal declines with distance traveled not time you can hold the rift for as long as you would like.

  • 21. Dropping in bunker has become a favorite of mine if you are playing with friends try splitting up planning on opposite sides of the bunker to meet in the middle.

  • 22. Drive to that previous point for my playing experience if you want intense action as soon as you land bunker skull town artillery and air base are the most popular drop spots.

  • 23. Use different ammo types from your teammates to maximize ammo in early game.

  • 24. To slide away from a situation run jump then turn around 180 degrees slide the jump at the end to give yourself an extra speed boost.

  • 25. Hip firing is actually quite good in very close quarters situations say you're in the same room with an enemy hip fire instead of aiming down sights most situations beyond a room lengths distance however is much better to aim with the majority of weapons.

Have completed the half of Apex Legend Open World Gaming tips and trick


  • 26. For the shotguns many players and FPS games will default to hip firing them with that said. There is a difference for a couple of the shotguns but then for the other two there isn't any difference between how wide their spread is with that said for the IVA 8 and the Peacekeeper. As you can see here when a deicing in hip fire during their spreads are the exact same there is no benefit to aiming-down-sights with either of these shotguns besides you may be trying to actually aim your shots themselves but in terms of the spread it is the same. However with both the Mozambique and the mass Tiff's aiming-down-sights very much so tightens out the spread allowing you to shoot a little further and plant more pellets so just so you know there is a slight difference between the shotguns in this regard.

  • 27. Shooting is heard in a 400 meter radius keep that in mind while fighting.

  • 28. Crouching nearly silences footsteps meaning you can move around while crouching and it will be much more of a surprise to enemies.

  • 29. Rooftops are the loudest surface in the game just be aware engagements that roofs will give away your position much more so than anywhere else in terms of audio.

  • 30. While playing Bangalore deceive the enemy will smoke by firing in a direction opposite to where you intend to head most players assume Bangalore is using smoke on themselves to escape by misleading the enemy you can get an even better escape.

  • 31. You can move around lifelines healing drone by simply walking behind it to push it forward.

  • 32. Enemy players can use a friendly healing drone and vice versa.

  • 33. Range does not affect the damage output by your weapon if you hit an enemy's chest directly 445 damage across a canyon the same will be true shooting them well in the same room.

  • 34. If you don't select legend it defaults to your last choice unless it has been picked by a squad mates before you.

  •  35.The third player to select their legend will always be the jumpmaster unless they do not manually select a legend then the jump master role will be assigned to the prior person to manually choose their legend.

  • 36. The precision joke for the peacekeeper a lot of people don't seem to understand what it does if you fully charge it by aiming-down-sights it tightens the spread of a shotgun allowing you to shoot and hit targets very far away.

  • 36. To speed up weapon swaps Crouch as soon as you swap.

  • 38. Please split off the jump-master before landing landing in the same building means you'll all be going for the same loots. If you are the jump master you can clip your squad-mates off by running them into a balloon building or whatever else you may come across.

  • 39. Now my real reason for mentioning that is that in some situations if you do this to yourself it can be an advantage say in places like pits if you land at the top of it to then jump down yourself this gives you a slight time over the other players falling regularly.

  • 40. For PC players turning down shadows can very much so help as the shadows on banner flags can catch players off-guard in their peripheral vision bassoon has happened to me a few friends multiple times.

  • 41. To ping that you need health or shields open the consumable menu and ping when you are hovering over your desired item.

  • 42. Shooting bangle or smoke at a door will cause it to open.

  • 43. You can shoot bangle or smoke while reloading.

  • 44. Lifelines packages to play much faster than the random care packages that drop throughout the match.

  • 45. Random care packages to them having an orange accent plus they will be visible on the mini-map around the time of their landing.

  • 46. The difference between lifelines care packages and random match care packages in terms of contents is that the random ones will have the possibility of containing legendary weapons and legendary gear.

  • 47. A small correction for my last tips doors can be opened by shooting the door handle to surprise the enemy from a distance with the wingman longbow and Craver I previously said this was true for every heavy type weapon once again this is not the case.
  •  48. Weapon type does not affect run speed however when ad assign there is a difference in speed between some of the weapons. For example with the pistol you are able to move around you're able to strafe much faster while ad assign than with a sniper rifle which absolutely does make sense but once again to clarify that is not the case when just running without aiming down sights.

  • 49. Some weapons such as the AR 301 carbine and flat-line have the ability to change to semi-auto fire this can be helpful in long range engagements now of course you can pop fire but if you want to be sure to conserve some ammo well I say switch over to the semi-auto mode.

  • 50.  For my final tip always be on the move this is something I've gone back and forth.  I truly believe waiting for the enemy to come to you is oftentimes not the best choice for a lot of situations especially if you have fired shots the enemy is aware from where you are and they're potentially waiting for you. To come to them this can be the perfect opportunity to flank so you will come to them but not in the way. They think or they may think that you want them to come to you really this game comes down to a lot of mind games. I'll say I've been in some situations where it's the final three maybe even the final two and my teammates say we want to wait and I say all right. So I guess we can wait and then ended up being the wrong choice a lot of the times. You just got a run for it especially in a top two situation if you are inside of the ring and the enemy isn't there thinking they're gone have to run to you well Surprise them before they're forced to move by the ring just run straight at them they're very likely we'll be caught off guard doing this has helped my team and I quite a few times.



This is all 50 tips and trick for Apex Legend Open World Gaming. That's it for today have a fine and wonderful day. Thank you all very much for for giving your time once again as I wrote at the starting of this article. I think this will be the final 50 tips in this format and i’ll be doing some shorter tip about each of the legends and then also doing some quick talking about each of the weapons of Apex Legend. Thank you all once again and have yourself a fantastic rest of your day thank you.


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